Deer Repellent

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We are only selling products that we use and believe in.  For years we have fought with deer eating our plants. Luckly, I found Liquid Fence to spray my seedlings and beds.  It has kept the deer away now for years.  In fact, it is so  good that the deer will eat the plants that are not sprayed in the middle of a bed and leave the outer ones I sprayed alone.   So I know they are still there they just wont eat the treated ones.

During June when I start seeing scapes I will spray (the scapes only) to begin to train the deer.  Once a week after that I hit the plants I don't want  disturbed.  All that you really have to spray is the buds.  The dear rarely eat the fans unless it is late Fall. 

I have a lot of experience with this and can safely say that it does not effect the color of the blossom. The hardest thing about using it is the smell that you will quickly get used to and not be bothered with it after you have sprayed. 

We use the concentrate form because economically it makes sense but if you purchase the ready to use 1 gallon spray bottle it can last a long time by just spraying the scapes and buds. 

Note: If you purchase the ready to use sprayer you could then use that container with the concentrate so you wouldn't have to buy a spray bottle.